Work Package 4

Piloting, Enhancement & Sustainability Assessment

WP4 Leader:

Ukrainian Academy of Cyber Security

Work Package 4 (WP4) pilots EnCycLEd’s innovative educational cybersecurity curricula to strengthen awareness and overall protection in a sustainable way. The goal is to measure the success of the project and identify opportunities for improvement. By collecting feedback and evaluating the impact of the project, participants will determine whether the project has been effective in achieving its objectives and adjust as necessary. WP4 supports the learning and information exchange from/with target groups, that are potentially affected by cyber-attacks. The pilot-partners AFS, KVS, SU, especially the Ukrainians, will allow the project to have access to real-life cyber-threat information and to learn from the measures practiced during the current war. WP4 also evaluates the impact of the project and assesses its effectiveness in achieving its objectives. To do this, feedback from students, teachers, and other stakeholders will be collected and analyzed as “Lessons learned” for improvement.

The activities undertaken in WP4 (trainings, workshops, and presentations for teachers and students) include, among others: Didactic Workshops and Piloting Program Development, supporting the test of the tool-kit and the EnCycLEd Platform at the Pilot Schools.