SET University

The private Science, Entrepreneurship and Technologies University (SET) was established in Kyiv (Ukraine) in December 2021 by the Kyiv School of Economics and Roosh, an ecosystem of technological companies from Ukraine. The university’s mission is to develop technology-based and business-focused education to grow the new generation of tech leaders; therefore, SET closely cooperates with such IT business companies and startups as Phineo, WTECH, IdeaSoft, Roosh, Startup Wise Guys, Supercharger Ventures, Sigma Software, Genesis, ISACA, etc. The strategic educational areas are cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, innovations, and startups.

SET was licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and has launched its first master student cohorts on “Cyber Defense” and “Computer Science and Innovation Engineering” and the Cybersecurity Management MicroMasters program. Other educational products of the university are built upon agile micro-learning and practice-oriented approaches and include short-term qualification advancement courses and acceleration programs for IT startups. To enhance the quality of the educational services provided, SET cooperates with such institutions as Berkeley University (USA), Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and more and promotes deep tech education at such world-known events as TechCrunch, WebSummit, etc. SET University provides scholarships for free access to high-quality of technology education for those in need and is a co-founder of the Ukrainian Global Faculty (https://ugf.academy/).

Meet the Team
in EnCycLEd Project

Picture of Iryna Volnytska of the SET University.

Iryna Volnytska

Iryna Volnytska has been a president and a co-founding team member of the SET University since 2021. For over 10 years, she managed tech teams in executive and C-level positions. Iryna has launched deep-tech companies like Betlab as a CEO building teams of 300+ people. She is responsible for the overall planning and monitoring in this project.

Yevheniia Klepa

Yevheniia Klepa – a Director of Partnerships and Innovation in the SET and also holds the CEO position of the Ukrainian 1991 Accelerator. With 10 years of experience in the technology sector, she is an invited speaker and trainer at international innovation programs, Google Academy, Data Fest Tbilisi, KSE, etc. Yevheniia previously led the CyberAccleratorUA and SET University cyber short-term activities, providing program curriculum and experts engagement. In this project, she will be responsible for the teacher’s setup and reviewing their progress and results.

Picture of Yevheniia Klepa of the SET University.
Picture of Maxim Pochebut of the SET University.

Maxim Pochebut

Maxim Pochebut –  a PhD, Associate Professor, Academic Director of the SET and holds the Chief Learning Officer position at Sigma Software Group. Maxim has a diverse background that includes management experience both in the academic and IT corporate environment as well as in industry development from heading the IT Ukraine Association’s educational committee. This expertise helps him shape efficient education systems for IT businesses, schools and universities, and for state agencies including the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry for Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and others. In this project Maxim will develop modules for learning activities and content inputs.