University of Heidelberg

Institute of Political Science

The Institute of Political Science at Heidelberg University is working as the German project partner on the EnCycled project. The Institute has carried out several research and outreach projects on cyber security over the past decade. It currently leads the European Repository on Cyber Incidents Consortium (EuRepoC 2022-2024), which is dedicated to evidence-based scientific analysis of cyber incidents to enable a better understanding of the current cyber threat landscape. At the Institute, Dr. Sebastian Harnisch, Professor of International Relations and Foreign Policy, is responsible for the cybersecurity module in the overall EnCycled project.

As part of the Encyled project, Heidelberg University is tasked to co-develop a curriculum for the project, its basic content and advanced knowledge about cybersecurity threats, protection and resilience measures that can later be used by teachers in the classroom.

Meet the Team
in EnCycLEd Project

Picture of Sebastian Harnisch of the University of Heidelberg.

Sebastian Harnisch

Sebastian Harnisch is Professor for International Relations and Foreign Policy at the Institute of Political Science of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Heidelberg University, and member of the Executive Board of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA). His main research areas include comparative foreign and security policy, international relations theories, cybersecurity, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and climate change policy issues. He is currently leading the EuRepoC consortium and regulary teaches courses on cybersecurity at BA and MA level at Heidelberg University.

Annika Sachs

Annika Sachs is studying at the University of Heidelberg where she is also working as a student assistant at the Chair for International Relations and in the EuRepoC project. For the University of Heidelberg, she is involved in the planning of a curricula for the EnCyled Project.

Picture of Annika Sachs of the University of Heidelberg.