ASCEND Consulting

ASCEND CONSULTING is a boutique consultancy, training and coaching provider specialised in innovation management (from both development and adoption perspectives), entrepreneurship and business development, access to funding and finance. We are mainly focused on supporting organisations and communities to develop, implement or adopt innovative concepts and approaches to address today’s societal challenges, including by making judicious use of digital tehcnologies.

Based in Malta but operating at European level, ASCEND CONSULTING’s advisory, training, coaching and support services are being provided to a range of relevant public and private organisations, including companies, schools, universities and other educational bodies, research institutions, NGOs, as well as various public policy makers and implementers, national and international organisations. For example, we’ve been working closely with eSkills Malta Foundation, Malta Communications Authority, Malta IT Agency, Junior Achievement (JA) Malta, Malta University Consulting Ltd, University of Malta, Malta College or Arts Science and Technology, Malta Council for Science and Technology, Malta Enterprise, Innovate UK, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, European Institute for Gender Equality, Georgia Innovation and Technology Agency, German Academic Exchange Services, and many others, etc.

Meet the Team
in EnCycLEd Project

Picture of Anamaria Magri Pantea of ASCEND Consulting.

Anamaria Magri Pantea

– Managing Consultant 

Anamaria is an economist with specialisation in finance and business administration. She was the Malta National Contact Point for the EU’s ICT Policy Support Programme 2007-2013, when she was involved with local and national policy makers for digitalisation of various public services, e.g. under projects like eGOV4U, SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross-Border Services), eCODEX (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange), epSOS (European Patients Smart Open Services). She was also the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Project Officer in charge of guiding and overseeing the implementation of the first three European Knowledge and Innovation Communities, including EIT Digital.

In the EnCycLEd project Anamaria will be part of the Project Management, Educational Development & Piloting as well as in the Dissemination of the Results.

Bernard Agius

 ICT Consultant

Bernard’s academic background spans across management, ICT, and education, with over 25 years of experience in both public and private sectors. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Durham Business School, with his research focusing on ICT adoption and diffusion. Alongside this, he has a first degree in Computing & ICT Education with teaching experience covering both secondary and tertiary levels. His work in public policy includes roles with the Government  of Malta and the Malta Communications Authority, where he has contributed to national initiatives centred on digital inclusion, literacy, competences, and digital services. Bernard continues to be actively engaged in projects that support digital wellbeing, increase digital competences and advocate for technology-enabled societal development.

In the EnCycLEd project Bernard will be part of the Platform & Resources Repository Design & Development.

Picture of Bernard Agius of ASCEND Consulting.