Work Package 3

EnCycLEd Platform &
Resource Repository

WP3 Leader: ASCEND Consulting

The main objective of Work Package 3 (WP3) is the development of the EnCycLEd digital platform, which is intended to serve not just as an innovative cross-country e-Learning and peer-to-peer communication environment, but also as a knowledge-base and repository of educational resources to be pooled and shared across European school education organisations. The specific objective of the EnCycLEd Platform is to provide a safe online environment for the usage of educational resources and for exchanging experiences and lessons learnt on cybersecurity issues. These include in particular the perspective of the practical threats, as well as incidents and solutions brought by the war waged on Ukraine, both in the physical and informational space. Overall, the Platform and the resources in the repository will thus serve as the core-space for those willing to contribute to strengthening cybersecurity awareness and overall digital resilience in a sustainable way. The Platform and the Repository, will be openly available for use by school teachers and students across the partner countries in Europe.