Kyiv Vocational College

Kyiv Vocational College with Enhanced Military and так Physical Training

The objective of  “Kyiv Vocational College with Enhanced Military and так Physical Training” is to prepare young people for real life, provide quality education, and form a responsible citizen of the state, a patriot, a worthy worker and specialist.  The educational environment created in the college promotes the realization of the student’s abilities  and their successful life implementation.

The educational institution prepares qualified workers and professional junior bachelors for the field of communication, radio and television, IT, office management, hotel service and tourism, car service.  A feature of the new type of educational institution is not only  receiving  a complete general secondary education by graduates but also obtaining military accounting professions and specialties.

Meet the Team
in EnCycLEd Project

Picture of Sergii Melnyk of the Kyiv Vocational College.

Sergii Melnyk

Sergii Melnyk is a Doctor of Philosophy (Economics) and works at the Institute of Educational Analytics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In the EnCycLEd project, he will develop an innovative cyber security curriculum for teachers and students of  Kyiv Vocational  College.

Halyna Kolomoiets 

Halyna Kolomoiets holds a PhD in Pedagogical Science, Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Executive master’s program certificate in Software Engineering and is the head of the department of scientific and methodological support for improving the quality of education at the State Scientific Institution “Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education”. She is  aditionally employed at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the field of innovative programs. 

In this project, Halyna Kolomoiets will manage an innovative cybersecurity micro-credential training program curriculum for teachers and students at Kyiv Vocational College.

Picture of Halyna Kolomoiets of KVS.
Picture of Vasyl Petrovych of KVS.

Vasyl Petrovych

Vasyl Petrovych holds a master of educational institution management and is an honored worker of education of Ukraine was well as the principal of the college

He will be a coordinator between the college staff and external relations with other institutions.

Lada Voloshkova

Lada Voloshkova holds a master of educational institution management. She is teacher of informatics and information technologies and deputy director of the College.

In this project, she will coordinate the implementation work with teachers at the college and other educational institutions.

Picture of Lada Voloshkova of KVS.
Picture of Oksana Muts of KVS.

Oksana Muts

Oksana Muts is a candidate of historical sciences. She holds a master of history, is a senior and methodist teacher as well as a college methodist.

She will be responsible for documenting project reports.

Serhii Kyrychenko 

Serhii Kyrychenko holds a master in computer technologies and is the winner of the Ukrainian competition “Teacher of the Year”. He is as well a senior master of the Kyiv Vocational College

Serhii will deal with software and organization of students.

Picture of Serhii Kyrychenko of KVS.