The project's logo is a circle made of different lines colored in orange. The project's name is EnCycLEd. The logo mark is completed by the phrase "Erasmus Plus Project" and the slogan "Enhancing Cybersecurity Literacy in Education".
A young asian woman in a black and white striped knitted sweater can be seen. She has brown hair and is holding a laptop.

What is the EnCycLEd Erasmus+ Project?

EnCycLEd is a 3-year-duration (2023-2026) Erasmus+ Project that aims to promote digital readiness in cybersecurity, resilience and capacity-building in educational institutions.

What is Cybersecurity?

In a nutshell, Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

A woman can be seen from behing typing on a laptop. The screen shows a white lock on a blue background. Next to the lapotop on the table flowers can be seen.
The pictures shows a group of six people of different genders and ethnicities in front of a white wall dressed in smart casual. They are each holding a phone, tablet or laptop.

Why do we need Cybersecurity?

Cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information. They can also have the goal to extort money from users via ransomware or interrupt normal business processes.

Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative.

Project's Goal

EnCycLEd’s goal is to enable cybersecurity and digital resilience mainstreaming in school education, in particularly by endowing school-teachers and educators in formation with knowledge and tools. Those can be further integrated and used in their pedagogical toolbox across various subjects (not just in IT, but also communication, civic studies, home economics, etc.)

The picture shows a library. In the foreground there is a long desk with three stationary computers. On the nearest computer a male teachers explains something to a female student whilst pointing to the screen.
On an orange background a white puzzle can be seen. One piece is not yet fitted.

How to reach our Goal

– Teachers training toolkit

– EnCycLEd Platform

– Careers and Study Pathways Guide


Latest News!

Latest News

First in Person Project Meeting in Innsbruck,  Austria