Project Meeting
Platform Design

07 May 2024

On the top the orange logo of the project can be seen on a dark blue background with the project's name "EnCycLEd" and the phrase "Erasmus+ Project" in light blue. The project's full name "Enhancing Cybersecurity Literacy in Education" in orange can be seen as well as the European flag and the phrase "Co-funded by the European Union" on a white background. In the middle a Screenshot of a meeting can be seen.
The project's logo consists of a circle made of different orange lines completed with the project's name "EnCycLEd".

The EnCycLEd Consortium met again this week to discuss about the design details of the Platform being built, tailored on the Cybersecurity Modules to be delivered by the project.

A very productive meeting that will entail on a cool platform!

Stay tuned for more information about it soon!