1st In-Person Project Meeting

17th June 2024

The picture shows a group foto of all the partners at the 1st in Person Meeting of the Consortium in Innsbruck. The project's logo and name can be seen as well as the European flag with the words "Co-funded by the European Union". In the top right corner the words "Thank You" can be seen.
The project's logo consists of a circle made of different orange lines completed with the project's name "EnCycLEd".

On the 27th of June 2024 the first in Person Meeting of the EnCycLEd Erasmus+ Project took place in the beautiful mountain city of Innsbruck, Austria.

Matthias Ketteman, our project coordinator, from the Department of Theory and Future of Law hosted the EnCycLEd partners in the beautiful Agnes-Heller-Haus at the University of Innsbruck. It was fantastic to meet the partners in person, including some of our partners’ members from Ukraine.

Astrid Bötticher, EnCycLEd project manager from the University of Innsbruck, chaired the meeting and presented the status of the project.

Kornelia Streicher (representing the team of REACH Innovation) gave an update on the dissemination activities already taking place since the beginning of the project.

Giota Digkoglou, from the University of Macedonia, participated virtually and highlighted some quality assurance issues, reinforcing also the commitment to diversity and inclusion in the project.

Annika Sachs (University of Heidelberg) presented the developed content of the first EnCycLEd teaching module.

Anamaria Magri-Pantea, our platform development partner from Ascend, showed us her research on the different initiatives related to cybersecurity training programmes in the EU, and Bernhard Agius (Ascend) introduced the structure of the EnCycLEd platform to all partners.

Andrii Paziuk (Ukrainian Academy of Cybersecurity) explained to the project partners how he plans to implement the curricula in schools and universities, for his future piloting coordination work in the project.

The educational partners American Farmer School, Kyiv Vocational College and SET University actively participated in discussing the various issues raised during the first face-to-face meeting. We all acknowledge and thank them for their insightful comments and work interaction.

The EnCycLEd team is very proud to have achieved such an amazing productive level of project meeting in Innsbruck. We can all be proud of the work we are together carrying out!