New Deliverables

30th May 2024

The picture shows the front page of three different deliverables on a bright blue background. The deliverables are the following: "Environmental Sustainability Guide from REACH Innovation May 2024", "Quality Assurance & Evaulation Plan from the University of Macedonia January 2024" and "Inclusion & Diversity Guide from the University of Macedonia March 2024"
The project's logo consists of a circle made of different orange lines completed with the project's name "EnCycLEd".

Three deliverables were written from different partners of the Consortium. We can now present you the Environmental Sustainibility Guide from the Partner REACH Innovation, the Quality Assurance & Evaluation Plan and the Inclusion & Diversity Guide, both coming from the Partner University of Macedonia.

These Guides and Plans will help the project to thrive sustainibly and enhances the inclusion and diversity throughout all activities.